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Adding animals to the Jungle Cruise

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Little Girls Dress-Up as their favorite Disney Characters.

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Random Educational Post Thingy

Today I was having a respectful and thoughtful conversation with a friend about the conflict in Gaza (yes it’s possible lol) and she mentioned my Lebanese family does’t seem/look middle eastern at all. Just as a reminder to my lovely friends, since our media doesn’t present it this way:

Middle eastern people in the different regions, (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and the African nations like Egypt) are HUGELY diverse, both ethnically and socially. It’s like comparing  the people of Germany, France, Spain, Norway, and Ukraine in Europe. Saying “arab” is like saying “european”, you’re lumping a hugely diverse group of people together.

This has been my food for thought post for the day. Go back to enjoying your cat pictures and Disney posts now! <3


The Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders can’t stop marveling at the impeccably detailed, impossibly tiny miniature food created by Rochester, MN-based artist Kim of fairchildart. From fruit and veggies to mouthwatering main courses, tantalizing sweets, and even a cannibal’s feast, all of Kim’s 1:12 scale food sculptures are handmade using polymer clay, needles, colored chalk pastels, rocks, razor blades and awesome attention to detail.

"I started out in July of 2008 with a book by Sue Heaser called Making Doll’s House Miniatures with Polymer Clay. It’s a fantastic book with very easy to follow tutorials on everything from miniature potatoes to Tiffany style lamps. I was amazed at how such simple clay techniques could produce incredibly realistic results. From there I started using pictures of real food as a reference and it’s spiraled into an obsession ever since!”

When asked how she manages to make her miniature food look so realistic, Kim says that secret to her success is: “a good dose of artistic masochism and being a stickler for details.”

Click here to view lots more of Kim’s fantastically food miniatures.

She also has pieces available for purchase via the fairchildart Etsy shop.

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Honest Slogans.

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When confronted with a cuddly cat, the lizard simply continues to lizard.

I will never not reblog this.

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